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Streets Department


The City of Barnwell has a two-man crew of full-time employees that take care of the City public areas such as sidewalk lanes and other grassy areas along roadways.  They help to keep our roadways clean from dead animals and other debris. 

  • The City of Barnwell contracts with an outside agency for garbage and general trash pickup. S&S Disposal, Inc. collects roll carts, residential and business.  Businesses needing large dumpster pick up may contact a local provider for that service.

August 31, 2021

To:  City of Barnwell Roll Cart Customers

In September of 2019, the City of Barnwell began a new contract with S&S Disposal for roll cart garbage and yard debris pick up.  Since then, we have had questions and concerns from citizens as well as issues from the disposal company.  This letter is being sent to clarify some of these issues and help everyone understand how we will handle them moving forward.

Roll Carts: The City's garbage cans are designed to hold a normal week's worth of household trash.  If cans are continuously overstuffed with garbage, it requires more force by the truck not only to pick up the can but to unload it, potentially causing damage.  The monthly fee that customers pay for the can is for one pick up a week. 

Yard Debris:   Each Wednesday, S&S Disposal agrees to come pick up yard debris for the customers in Barnwell.  This is expected to be normal weekly yard debris (small limbs and leaves, etc).  For the last year, the disposal service has provided additional routes to run due to the 'higher than normal' amounts of debris.  We ask our residents to understand what a normal amount of weekly yard debris to be: less than 1/2 a small pick up load of debris.  If you have a yard contractor taking care of your yard, they are required to take that off to the land-fill.  They are NOT TO LEAVE IT for the truck to come pick it up at your house.  

Furniture: Furniture is NOT picked up at all in the city limits by the disposal company.  Any chairs, mattresses, sofas, tables, etc. should be hauled away by residents/businesses. 

White goods (refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves) can be scheduled for pick up on the last Wednesday of the month.  Please call City Hall to schedule this type of pick up.  Toilets, sinks and tubs are not considered white goods and must be hauled away by other means.

Weekly scheduled trash pickup:

  • Place cart out at the road or designated location the night before scheduled pickup day. The disposal company has a tracking system and cameras on their trucks.  If the cart is not out, they will not go back and pick it up later.  That causes delays in all other trash being removed.   DO NOT place extra bags of trash out beside or on top of the cart.  IF you are consistently producing more garbage than your cart will hold, then it is recommended that you order additional carts for service (at the additional charge).  The disposal company will NOT remove bags off of or from around a cart to be able to get to it to dump it.  With Automated trucks planned, you may be required to place your cart on the opposite side of the street in order for the truck to pick up your cart on the designated route.  

Yard Debris (Wednesdays):

  • Large amounts of debris may be picked up in small sections, but it can take weeks for all of it to be removed, depending on how large the amount is.  Limbs should be trimmed to the stem, no longer than five (5') feet in length, five (5") inches in diameter, and reasonable in weight.  Lawn/Yard companies that are doing business in the city should know that they are responsible for removing the debris from residences and businesses, and not to leave it for the disposal company to pick up.  Yard debris should be placed in piles (bags for leaves no heavier than 35 pounds) in the general location where your cart is usually placed.   It should not be placed in the city trash cart or other types of bins or carts. 


  • S&S works most Holidays and does not change pick-up schedules.  If there are any changes, We will send out alerts through Barnwell Buzz or general news on the website. 

Please call City Hall at 803-259-3266 if you have any questions. 


The City owns and maintains one cemetery, Barnwell cemetery, just above Fuller Park.


Any street or street light issues should be reported to City Hall, 803-259-3266.