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Building and Zoning

Building Department and Inspection Services

The City of Barnwell contracts with SafeBuilt to offer all services under the Building Department.  The Building Department is responsible for insuring that new construction, renovation, and other improvements in the City of Barnwell conform to the requirements of the International Building and Fire Code and additional zoning ordinances designed to insure the public's safety and the integrity of the property owner's investment.

The Building Department issues permits for construction for those builders and contractors who are properly licensed and then conducts periodic inspections of the jobs permitted to insure code compliance during construction.

Finally, SafeBuilt issues Occupancy Certificates under the contract with the City of Barnwell upon successful completion of construction to allow buildings and residences to be permanently occupied.

The Building Department is located in City Hall at 130 Main Street.

Planning and Zoning Department

The City of Barnwell Planning and Zoning Department is established by ordinance. The purposes of the zoning ordinance are to implement the land use element of the comprehensive plan and to guide land development in accordance with existing and future needs, and to promote the public health, safety, morals, convenience, order, appearance, prosperity, and general welfare of the community, and all those purposes set forth in SC Code 6-29-710

The Planning Commission consists of seven members and the Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members all who serve without pay. The Zoning Ordinance consists of a Zoning Map defining 13 Zoning Districts and is available for review at City Hall. Zoning Permits Applications as well as other Zoning request forms are available at City Hall.

The ordinance shall be administered and enforced by the City Administrator who shall have all powers and duties authorized by statute or ordinance for the Zoning Administrator.