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Lemon Park Sports Complex

All Inclusive Playground!

Ribbon Cutting  05/30/2018
Ribbon Cutting  05/30/2018

Triumph Climber - A multi-level climber where kids of all abilities can play, to help improve motor skills, coordination, strength, and dexterity.  This leads to self-achievement and great self-esteem.

Cozy Coon - a comfortable place where one can retreat or just hang out.  Especially designed for kids on the autism spectrum, this little pod provides a sense of enclosure for children who are over stimulated. 

Mayor Lemon and Izzie Brandt
Former Mayor Lemon and Izzie Brandt

SeeSaw - all children of all ages and abilities get to join in the fun.  The seesaw gives support to children who don't have core strength.

Congo's and the Cabassa are designed at a more accessible angle and height.  These instruments can be played comfortably by all children including those with mobility devises.  The Cabassa produces a metallic rattle as it spins. 

Former Mayor Lemon and Izzie Brandt were the inspiration behind including in a playground for special needs children.    

123 Park Street  Barnwell, SC 29812

Playgrounds, multi-purpose field and walking path are open from 8am till 8pm daily.


Lemon Park Sports Complex encompasses an area of 16+ acres.  The complex includes four 200-foot fields in a clover-leaf design surrounding a Press Box/Concession Stand and a multi-purpose field which may be split into smaller fields for soccer or football, a 300-foot baseball field with Press Box, a tee-ball field, figure 8 walking path and 2 playgrounds. Lemon Park is equipped with security cameras at several locations throughout the park and also has free WIFI accessibility.

Lemon Park

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For persons with disabilities requiring further assistance and ADA accessibility into the park, please call City Hall at 803-259-3266.