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What Parents Should Know Before Signing Their Kids Up For Cheer

Cheerleading is a healthy activity that exposes young ladies to fair competition, teamwork, as well as helps to build strong morals and protect kids from a lot of external negative influences. Granted, cheerleading can be a demanding sport, so getting all the information you need before signing your daughter/child up for cheer is important. Here’s everything you may need to know before signing your kids up for cheer.

Is Cheerleading A Safe Sport?
When it comes to choosing athletic activities for their kids, many parents wonder about the safety of the activities. We offer Beginner Cheer. We focus on teamwork, enthusiasm and getting the players and fans pumped up with excitement! Our girls are not at the level of doing advanced stunts, so we consider it to be very safe.

Making A Time Commitment
Cheerleading practice is a commitment, like any other sport. Both yours and your child's time will be taken up by practices and games.
Practice typically is 1 - 2 days a week and is usually on a weekday in the evening, times will vary by season and which coach your girl is assigned.

Regular Practice Required
Regardless of the cheerleading role your child will play, all girls are expected to attend every practice and game.
This is for cheer squads to fine tune their skills and cheers. Coaches usually advise participants to use a calendar to help reserve enough time for homework, school, and other essential chores to avoid missing practice. This is probably the most important aspect. Remember, your child is part of a team that does choreographed and coordinated cheers.

Missed Practices
If your child misses practices, they will not be in step or time with the other girls and this reflects negatively on the whole cheer team. If you know you cannot make practices regularly (we understand children get sick and family emergencies arise), then it's probably in everyone's best interest that they not sign up.

A Few Changes Can Crop Up
Keeping a calendar of events is good, but sometimes a change of venue and time can cause your plans to come tumbling down like a pack of cards.
Likewise, last-minute added practice sessions could leave you stressing to find someone to attend to the needs of your other kids. Expect the unexpected, pre-plan so you will have less stressful days.

Complete Uniforms Versus Program Cost
We would love to offer each girl a professional cheerleading uniform, but we are more concerned about keeping the costs at a minimum so families in our community can afford to participate. Our season is typically around six to eight weeks in length so we don't want to charge cheer participants $100 to cheer. We prefer a lower cost option of providing cheer t-shirts and pompoms to each girl rather than a full professional uniform. Cheer teams often get together to work on coordinated shorts, shoes or hairbows...this will be an additional expense that each team and parent/guardian will decide if they want to do.

Please Leave the Drama At Home
We want every child participating in our sports to have a memory of a lifetime! Please try to work with everyone on the team (kids and parents) to create a fun and relaxed environment so it doesn't affect the team in any way.

For More Guidance
More experienced cheer parents can give you more practical information and help when you need it. Therefore, engage with the more experienced cheer parents in our community and enjoy watching your child thrive in doing a fun activity that she loves.