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Business Licenses

Business licenses can be obtained from the City Hall, and are divided into 8 classes.

  1. Class One covers wholesale trade, home furnishing stores, food and beverage stores, health stores, gasoline stations, sporting goods and hotels, motels
  2. Class Two covers auto parts and tire stores, electronic and appliance stores, building and garden equipment stores, clothing stores, general merchandise stores, miscellaneous store retailers, vending machines and repair and maintenance services.
  3. Class Three covers transportation, except rail.
  4. Class Four covers agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, mining, water and sewer systems, motion pictures, administration, and support, waste management and remediation services, arts, sports and promoters of events, museums, historical sites, personal care, barber, beauty and laundry.
  5. Class Five covers warehousing and couriers.
  6. Class Six covers newspapers, publishers, consumer finance, mortgage brokers credit card issuing and pawnshops.
  7. Class Seven covers radio and television broadcasting, internet services, insurance agencies, real estate and rental and leasing, professional, scientific and technical services, and management of companies.
  8. Class Eight covers electric and gas utilities, construction, manufacturing, recyclable material, automotive dealers, peddlers, rail transportation, telecommunications, cable TV, pawnshops, insurance carriers, carnivals, circuses, amusement arcades billiard parlors, pool tables, and bars.