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Parks and Recreation


The City of Barnwell Parks & Recreation Department provides overall management of the city’s Parks & Recreation facilities as well as runs recreation programs.  The facilities include Lemon Park, Fuller Park Playground and Splash Pad, Collins Park, Kilkenny Park, Jack Phillips Park, and Darnell Park.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Barnwell Parks & Recreation Department is to create exceptional recreational and park experiences that enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Barnwell by providing unique programs, athletic opportunities and by acquiring, developing, maintaining, preserving and enhancing recreation areas, open spaces and facilities.


City of Barnwell Parks, Recreation & Tourism- Interim Director Tommy Elkins

130 Main Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
Ph: 803.259.3266
Fax: 803.259.7959



Barnwell Parks & Recreation believes youth sports should be about more than skills and scores. While teaching kids to play the sport is important, we also develop player character by teaching sportsmanship values and celebrating players who demonstrate good sportsmanship. Not only do we want to help kids become better athletes, we want to help them become better people too. 
Playing a sport isn’t just important for a child’s physical development. When kids participate in sports, they learn valuable life lessons that are remembered long after the final whistle blows. Each week we integrate sportsmanship values into practice and game play across all age groups. When a coach teaches kids about sports or teamwork, those lessons positively impact their attitude in the classroom and at home. When we teach about enthusiasm or integrity, kids learn that encouraging others and doing the right thing is just as important as scoring a goal or winning the game.