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***SCAM ALERT*** Recently residents have started to receive calls from "Customs and Border Protection" that advise a package has been seized in their name containing drugs and money and they need to "press one to speak with a CBP Agent". After pressing one, the "agent" will request gift cards for paying of fines to make the matter go away. No Federal agency will make a robo-call to a citizen to advise of charges, seized property, or criminal investigations against them. The Federal agency will send agents directly to meet a person. No Federal or State Law Enforcement Agency will request or demand pay by gift cards, prepaid cards, or crypto-currency (such as Bitcoin), especially over the phone.  


Barnwell Police Department

The new Police Station was Dedicated on Monday, September 23, 2019.  Thank you to the citizens of Barnwell and Barnwell County for passing the 1% Capital Sale tax referendum.    

Chief Michael Butts


City of Barnwell Police Headquarters

Chief Michael Butts

105 Burr Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
Ph: 803-259-1838
Fax: 803-259-3309