Tackle Football


Looking across your child’s life, you as a parent want so much for them. Learning to be a leader? Check. Being physically active? Check. Finding a competitive spark? Check.

Tackle football is an engaging, benefits-focused game and community – the all-American sport that can help your child realize their potential. So whether your child currently plays flag or is new to football altogether, see for yourself what makes tackle the right choice for your family.

Barnwell Parks & Recreation offers Youth Tackle Football for kids between the ages of 9- 13 every fall. Season normally starts after Labor Day and continues until early November.  We are in the process of reestablishing the league where different cities compete against each other so the number of teams in each league is determined by the amount of participants. When we play a different city, there is usually a home game and an away game against each opponent.

We currently  offer two age groups - Juniors (Ages 9 - 10)  that compete with teams of 8 players on the field for each team (3 down linemen and 5 skill position players). This gives youngsters the opportunity to start learning the game of football at a scaled down level before they move up to the 11 Man game.  Seniors (Ages 11 - 13) play the traditional 11 Man Football. New for 2023, we are increasing the maximum age for the senior group to age 13, provided the player is not on the middle school team roster.

Tackle football is the ultimate team sport that teaches leadership, sportsmanship, and self-confidence.

As we continue to develop and improve our Parks & Recreation website, we will be including sections for players, coaches and parents with tips and instructional videos for participants to take advantage of. 

We are always looking for volunteer coaches because without coaches to teach and lead the kids there would be no league.
Step up to make an impact in a child's life - VOLUNTEER!!