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Public Hearing on RE-Zoning


City of Barnwell

Public notice is hereby given that the City of Barnwell will hold a public hearing on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 5:30pm at City Hall. The public hearing is being held for the purpose of accepting comments concerning a proposed amendment to the Zoning Map. The subject properties are listed below with their current zoning. The amendment proposes to rezone the parcels to the notated new zoning designation.

Tax Map Number       Address or location     Existing Zoning       Proposed Zoning

072-13-07-047/048          Charles St.               R-15                           Industrial

091-01-01-013                   Calhoun/Hwy 3      R-15                           Hwy Commercial

091-02-01-009                   1391 Main St.         Hwy Comm              R-12

091-03-06-009                   Guinyard Funeral    R-12                         NB Comm.

091-03-06-013/014          b/w Main & Allen   R-12                         NB Comm.

091-03-06-002                   829 Main St.              R-12                         NB Comm.

091-03-06-010                   b/w Main & Allen   R-12                         NB Comm.