Nominate your favorite Business and/or Citizen of Barnwell

Nomination forms

The City Council wants your input on a Citizen of the Year as well as a Business of the Year.  Nominations will be taken through November 30 this year.  

Citizen of the Year

This award should be given to someone that provides a service to our community as a whole. This person should be an outstanding  individual that helps many within our community by personal actions or activities not exclusively related to their vocation. Nominee should be a person that touches many through their commitments to Barnwell.

The nominee must be a resident of the city of Barnwell.  A nomination form must be filled out for every candidate. These will be available at City Hall or on our website.

For the first three years, the Citizen of the Year will be selected by the City Council.  After the third year, the new Citizen of the Year will be elected by a committee comprised of the most previous three Citizens of the Year.  The Committee will be able to use either cumulative or majority voting to elect the new Citizen of the Year.   The Chairman of the Committee will be the most senior member (the out­going member).  

The award presentation will be at the discretion of the Mayor and Council.

Nominations must be turned into City Hall no later than thirty (30) days prior to the presentation of the award.  (For 2022, we will accept nominations up to November 30.)

Nomination solicitations, along with due dates, will be placed in the local media.

 Nomination Form for Citizen of the Year

 Business of the Year

Criteria for the Business of the Year:                                          

· In business for at least five years                             

· Locally owned or locally owned franchise         

· One to 150 employees

· Active member of the community

· Must have a current city business license

 Nomination Form for Business of the Year