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2024 Rules & Regulations


  1. The City of Barnwell Parks and Recreation Department will attempt to have an employee at each facility for all games. 
    • If there is any kind of concern, issue, injury, or need of immediate assistance please inform the City of Barnwell staff.

Any flag football ruling or regulation that is not altered or covered by the following BPRD Rules and Regulations will be governed by the current NFL FLAG rules.

All rules will remain in effect and unchanged unless there is an official notice from the City of Barnwell Parks and Recreation staff.  Application of these rules during games is at the sole discretion of the referee. 


Age groups are broken down in the following divisions. Leagues, number of teams, players per team, and minimum number of players to start a game are all determined by number of registrants per season; therefore, could be subject to change. 



# Players on Field

Min # to start

Size Ball


4-6 years old

5 + Coach QB


NFL PeeWee


7-8 years old

6 or 7


NFL PeeWee







  • Players’ uniforms will be given out to coaches prior to the first game.
  • Players are allowed to wear sweatshirts (no hoodies) and/or sweatpants as needed but jerseys MUST be worn on TOP of any additional clothing.
  • All shirts and jerseys must be tucked into pants and cannot impede pulling of flags.
  • Shorts or pants with belt loops are not allowed.
  • NO jewelry is allowed to be worn during football games – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.
    • Only EXPECPTION:  Medical bracelets
  • Tennis shoes or molded rubber cleats are allowed.  Steel cleats or cleats with steel tips are prohibited.
  • Players will not be allowed to participate with ANY sort of cast or splint including soft, hard, or padded. 
    • Exception:  Approval must be obtained through BPRD prior to any participation including practices. Written documentation such as form signed and released from a physician, signed BPRD waiver legal document, etc. must be accompanied with any request.
  • ALL players are encouraged to wear mouth guards.


  • Games are played to 40 minutes running time.  Two - 20 minute halves with a 3 minute half time. (Half-time may be shortened at the official’s discretion if the game is running behind). Teams switch ends of field after halftime.
  • Home team determines first possession.  The team that is on defense at the start of the game will have possession starting the 2nd half.
  • On 4th down attempt, if an attempt is made on 4th down and is unsuccessful the other team gets possession at their own 5 yard line
  • Interceptions may be returned.  All possession changes, except interceptions, start on the offense’s 5 yd. line.  
  • Score and league standings will not be kept for the 6U or 8U league.
  • There are no fumbles. The ball is spotted where the ball hits the ground.
  • Each team has one 60-second and one 30-second time-out per half.
  • Officials can stop the clock at their discretion.
  • No overtime games during the season. If score is tied at the end of regulation, game will be considered a tie.


  • Only players and coaches are allowed be around or sit on the player’s bench. Spectators cannot be seated within 5yds of the field of play.  Spectators should not stand or pace around the field.  No spectators should be standing/sitting behind the end zones. If this rule is violated, the referee will have the authority to suspend the game until the spectators are seated appropriately.


  • If the field monitor or referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots or any unsportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and the player will be ejected from the game. FOUL PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Trash talking is illegal. Officials have the right to determine offensive language. (Trash talk is talk that may be offensive to officials, opposing players, teams or spectators.) If trash talking occurs, the referee will give one warning. If it continues, the player or players will be ejected from the game.
  • Officials and City of Barnwell staff will have complete authority over the game.  Any coach, player, or spectator that displays poor sportsmanship or conduct inconsistent the spirit of the league will be subject to a warning, foul, or ejections from the facility. 


  • There are no dogs allowed in the ballparks. We are a tobacco free facility.